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MoneyGuard Re-Price

In an effort to keep you current, this is a reminder that Lincoln has a hard deadline of November 1st to receive all MoneyGuard applications to save current pricing.  Further, Lincoln will need premiums in hand no later than December 27th in order to place policies in force before years end. 

It is an especially important time of year to reach out to clients presently in the retirement planning or recently retired phase of their lives.  These would be 50 to 72-Year-Old’s focused on preserving wealth and leaving a legacy.  A long-term care event can be disastrous to both the portfolio and the family.  With an emphasis on living a healthier lifestyle and advancements in medicine people need their money in retirement to last longer. 

There are multiple LTC products available to solve clients’ needs.  Part of our role is to align the best product with your various client scenarios.  We can help with explaining these products to clients and navigating the insurance underwriting world. 

If you have any specific clients that need this coverage now, please contact us.