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As we approach another holiday season we thought it would be an appropriate time to remind everyone how life insurance can amplify the overall dollar value and impact of your clients charitable giving.  In addition to being a time of year for family, fun, and good food, the holiday season is also the time of year that most charities try to meet their yearly fundraising goals.  While raising money in the short term is their current focus, being able to budget for future donations is just as important.
“Life Insurance can help magnify your efforts and those of the organization…  Instead of making a series of gifts directly to a charity, using those gifts to buy a life insurance policy can significantly increase the overall benefit you leave to the charity.”
Below you will find a link to an excellent resource from our partners at Prudential.  It provides several suggestions on ways to make a charitable donation more of a lasting legacy.  There is still time to place this business this year by utilizing certain accelerated underwriting programs.  Please contact us today to learn more about leveraging life insurance to meet charitable giving wishes.

Prudential Charitable Giving Playbook