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Market Risk – Not the Only Risk to your Best Laid Plans

On a daily basis, market risk impacts the planning you do for your clients. It is something you prepare them for and design their portfolios to minimize. There are; however, other risks including premature or untimely death , disability,  long term care expense, and wealth taxes that also threaten their plans.

 At Belman Klein Associates, we specialize in designing guardrails for financial plans, walling off insurable hazards and providing invaluable protection against those risks.

When you partner with Belman Klein, you gain access to our comprehensive, consultative services, including:


Point-of-sale assistance:

Our “design and discovery” process helps to identify client needs and the best techniques and product fits for your client.


Concierge services:

Answers to your insurance questions with assistance designed to help you navigate complex policy matters, identify appropriate carriers, provide costs estimate including underwriting assessments.  


Back office assistance:

Leave the paperwork to us and concentrate on more mission-critical matters.

Simple, Straightforward, Transparent

Transparency is tantamount at every stage of our consultative process. Our team takes a “no recommendations without communication” approach to every case and simplifies procedures allowing you to focus more on client engagement.

Most importantly, you determine the structure of our partnership. Collaborate with Belman Klein to develop an insurance model that best fits your practice.

  • Work in tandem during client conversations.
  • Enlist our services and leverage our institutional knowledge as case consultants.
  • Refer your clients to us directly and allow us to advance their objectives with the utmost care and personal attention.

Belman Klein serves as an extension of your team and keeps the insurance process simple, straightforward, and transparent.

Whether serving as a case consultant, or working with your clients directly, our financial plan protection solutions help to advance their objectives with the utmost care and communication, making it easier to maintain focus on your core objectives.

Protect your clients’ assets, lifestyle, and financial security.