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Disability Insurance

Protect Your Client’s Greatest Asset

FACT #1: More than 375,000 Americans become totally disabled every year.

FACT #2: More than 110 million Americans do not have long-term disability coverage.

A person’s inability to work due to illness or injury can financially devastate a family or sideline a corporation.

Disability insurance can help your clients fulfill their familial and professional obligations and provide a solid foundation for a prosperous financial future.

As your disability insurance consultant, we help design solutions that address both personal and business situations:


Personal solutions include personal income replacement and retirement income security. 


Business solutions include disability buy-out insurance, key person replacement, overhead expense insurance and business loan repayment riders.

While disability income protection can be complex, we work to make it understandable, and provide effective, customized solutions.

Eliminate Uncertainty and Ensure Peace of Mind

While accidents and injuries are among the main causes for disability in the U.S, cancers, and mental illness play a significant roles in the upward trajectory of affected people. These unforeseen circumstances may impede your clients’ ability to work and be devastating both emotionally and financially to the family.

We encourage you to partner with Belman Klein, and give your clients the confidence, dignity, and control they need and deserve.

Business Solutions

Disability Buy-Out Insurance

Key Person Replacement

Overhead Expense Insurance

Business Loan Repayment Rider

Personal Solutions

Disability Income Insurance

Individual Disability Income Insurance

Disability Income Retirement Security


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