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Dave’s DI Dispatch Vol. 2: Protecting your income – is it worth it? 

Protecting your income – is it worth it?

You bet! Think of all the things your income provides – your home, cars, activities, vacations – the list goes on and on. With something that provides so much, it just makes sense to protect it.
Individual disability insurance is there for you so you can continue to pay everyday expenses – even if you’re too sick or hurt to work. It may sound expensive, but don’t worry. It really isn’t – especially when you consider all that it provides.


The cost
The value
On average, you can protect your income for less than what you may spend on just one of your current bills, like your cell phone.
If you ever need to use this insurance, the monthly benefits work like a “paycheck” to help you pay your bills.
Income protection – it’s too valuable not to look into.