Creating Solutions

At Belman Klein Associates
Our “About Us” Is All About You.

We measure our success by Your success- the Spirit of a True Partnership. The key factor in building a partnership is the selection process and you control that process. Look for Integrity. Look for Vision and Innovation. Look for Experience and Knowledge.

The financial marketplace is continuously challenged by shrinking margins, new regulatory landscapes and skeptical consumers.

Where others see obstacles, we create solutions.

Yes, we bring 50 years of service excellence, impaired risk expertise and case design experience to the table. But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to help you identify emerging opportunities and provide the knowledge, product and point-of-sale assistance that will allow you to maximize your strength in developing and broadening client relationships.

The days of transactional successes are long gone. Collaborate with a Partner who sees beyond the horizon and prepares for the future.

Belman Klein Associates, Ltd. is a proud member of the AimcoR Group, an exclusive and unique group of innovative agencies with long term vision and the desire to be a proactive, not reactive force in shaping the future of our industry. Leveraging that with a diverse product portfolio, proprietary New Business strategies and exclusive Underwriting and Marketing Teams translates into results for you and your clients.

With a focus on Wealth Enhancement, our areas of expertise include:

  • Legacy Creation and Preservation
  • Business and Personal Transfer Techniques
  • Asset Protection/Risk Mitigation
  • Qualified and Non-Qualified Executive Benefits

Our team is your team and our commitment to getting you results is unsurpassed. We strive for excellence at all times and are dedicated to becoming an integral and lucrative part of your practice. Let us help you Turn Partnership Into Profit!

Be in business with us.
Let us earn the right to be in business with you.