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Executive StaffEXTEmail
Ceceile F. Klein, President/ CEO101Email Ceceile Klein

Marketing & Sales AssistanceEXTEmail
Scott Zilber, Vice President103Email Scott Zilber
Ellen Martin, Sales Consultant116Email Ellen Martin
Chuck Rich, Sales Consultant114Email Chuck Rich
Andy Federspiel, Sales Consultant126Email Andy Federspiel
Cariel Klein, Social Media SpecialistEmail Cariel "Ari" Klein

Advanced Case DesignEXTEmail
Scott Zilber103Email Scott Zilber
Chuck Rich114Email Chuck Rich

Point of Sale AssistanceEXTEmail
Scott Zilber103Email Scott Zilber
Chuck Rich114Email Chuck Rich

Impaired RiskEXTEmail
Keith Smith, New Business Director200Email Keith Smith
John Voelker, Underwriting Director

Case ManagementEXTEmail
Leslie Mansfield, Case Manager205Email Leslie Mansfield
Angie Stull, Case Manager 207Email Angie Stull

Operations, Commissions and LicensingEXTEmail
Cheryl Smith, Licensing and Contracting and Policy Owner Services206Email Cheryl Smith
Trish Smith, Office Manager 100Email Trish Smith
Brenda Torrance, Bookkeeping and Compensation