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The Fa La La La Finer Points of Gifting Life Insurance

You’ve heard the holiday lament, “What do you get the person who has everything?” How about peace of mind and financial stability? The gift of life insurance always fits, never breaks, is continuously in fashion, and doesn’t require batteries, service plans, or two and a half hours and a blowtorch to free from unforgiving twist-ties. […]

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BKA Digest: Industry-Wide Product Changes Coming

PRICE AND PRODUCT VOLATILITY For the past seven years, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has been studying the need to “right size” the reserve calculations used by insurance companies to assure that appropriate funds are on hand when claims come due. A new methodology was approved in 2017 with a required implementation date of […]

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Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 86

Why You Need Disability Coverage Many of your clients believe they have a solid financial plan to reach their goals, including maxed-out retirement savings and life insurance protection for the family in case of premature death.  But it is likely they have overlooked one crucial factor in their planning: the risk of injury or illness […]

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