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Understanding Long-term Care as a Legacy

The pandemic has put a great many things in perspective for a great many people. Long-term care (LTC) and its myriad benefits are chief among them. While there is truly no way of determining if you will eventually need LTC coverage, protecting one’s self – and one’s family – from the possibility of tremendous financial […]

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The Transition from CRO to… CRO?

In our current environment of uncertainty, change, and recovery, successful insurance advisors would do well to transition from a Chief Risk Officer (CRO) to a Chief Reassurance Officer (also CRO). Now is the ideal time to calm nerves by providing expert planning and risk mitigation. These measures give your clients the security and empowerment they […]

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The Client Assets You Might Be Missing

Income protection assets are often underappreciated, overlooked, and undervalued until it is simply too late. And as we grow older, our ability to procure new lines of coverage may be limited, making advanced planning a necessity.  When the COVID-19 crisis began, all Americans were forced to take stock in what was actually important to them. […]

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How Have Your Client Conversations Evolved?

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost everyone worldwide. And as states begin to ease restrictions, and a consolidated effort to reopen the United States begins to take shape, advisors and their clients will be having evolving conversations. What is on the top of most client’s minds today? Protection – and specifically protection against mortality and […]

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Lincoln to Increase Rates on Fully Guaranteed Life Products!

We hope this message finds you, your families, and your staffs in good spirits. Due to the persistent low interest rate environment carriers that offer fully guaranteed products have had to adjust. We were recently notified of Lincoln’s plans to increase rates on their Fully Guaranteed Universal Life Products. This applies to the Universal Life […]

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