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Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 75

Think You’re Too Young to Need Disability Insurance? Your most important asset is not your house, your auto, your watch or your personal possessions.  It’s your ability to earn a living!So who needs Disability Income Insurance?  Almost everyone who is employed and dependent on a paycheck.The possibility of a disabling illness or injury may seem […]

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BKA Digest January 18, 2018

According to the attached article from Prudential “During a policy review, you come across an existing policy that your client purchased many years ago. It has accumulated significant cash value. However, you see that loans have been taken from the policy to pay for the premiums and/or to fund cash withdrawals.  Those loans, combined with […]

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Digest October 10th

Q4: Prospecting   Starting the conversation. For some this comes naturally, but for others it requires constant work and energy to achieve. Click below for ideas that can help you in driving the intentional conversations with your clients, and more importantly, your prospective clients. Read More

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Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 61

What Is Your Most Valuable Asset? Most people believe that their biggest and most valuable asset is their home.  Or to a lesser degree, their car. I would suggest that the ability to earn an income is the most valuable asset.  Look at this exercise from The Guardian and decide. Doesn’t it make sense to […]

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Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 49

Not Even Millenials Can Predict The Future The attached article from the Council for Disability Awareness explains that the Millenials have become the most unique and influential generation thus far. Additionally, they are the biggest population in US history, consisting of 92 million people and make up close to half the American workforce. What sets […]

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