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Dave’s DI Digest: Vol. 16

Dual Executive Reward with Ameritas An executive benefits package that enhances compensation may help keep a key employee from looking for a position elsewhere. Although these types of plans have become increasingly difficult to implement due to all of the rules and regulations surrounding them, this video explains how the Dual Executive Reward is different. […]

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Dave’s Dispatch No. 6

Individual Disability Income Insurance Income Protection for You and Your Employees — at a Discount! Employers like you face many challenges, particularly when wanting to offer competitive employee benefits at an affordable price. Did you know: • Nearly three-fourths of employees (72%) rated the emotional impact of becoming disabled and not being able to work […]

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Protect Your Paycheck

Your paycheck allows you to provide for your family and lifestyle. It’s the source we rely on to meet our essential needs as well as some luxuries. What happens when a sickness or injury prevents you from going to work and earning that paycheck? How would it impact your life? This video shows you how […]

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