Dave's DI Dispatch

Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 86

Why You Need Disability Coverage Many of your clients believe they have a solid financial plan to reach their goals, including maxed-out retirement savings and life insurance protection for the family in case of premature death.  But it is likely they have overlooked one crucial factor in their planning: the risk of injury or illness […]

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Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 81

ADVANCED INCOME REPLACEMENT STRATEGIES “Comprehensive disability insurance isn’t usually the first product on the minds of U.S. insurance advisors, nor on the minds of their clients.  We are required to have health and auto insurance, and we all know that someday we will die.  But most of us never think we will be so sick […]

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Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 79

How to Protect Your Most Important Asset with Disability Insurance According to Peter Lazaroff’s article in Forbes magazine, “Most people see life insurance as a no-brainer to protect against losing their income due to death, but few people consider protecting their human capital in the event they become sick or injured.”  But actually, you are far […]

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Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 78

Don’t Underestimate Your Need for Disability Insurance “Long-term disabilities are probably more common than you think: About one-third of us will experience one before age 65. But before you buy insurance, learn the ins and outs of long-term disability policies. If you underestimate your risk of disability, you’re not alone … only 10% of individuals accurately […]

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Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 77

Why Millennials Should Consider Disability Insurance As Robert Powell states in the recently published USA Today article; “The odds of being unable to work because of sickness or accidental injury are greater than the odds of a premature death. That’s unlikely to be something millennials ever think about when planning for retirement. But they should. […]

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