Dave's DI Dispatch

Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 75

Think You’re Too Young to Need Disability Insurance? Your most important asset is not your house, your auto, your watch or your personal possessions.  It’s your ability to earn a living!So who needs Disability Income Insurance?  Almost everyone who is employed and dependent on a paycheck.The possibility of a disabling illness or injury may seem […]

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Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 61

What Is Your Most Valuable Asset? Most people believe that their biggest and most valuable asset is their home.  Or to a lesser degree, their car. I would suggest that the ability to earn an income is the most valuable asset.  Look at this exercise from The Guardian and decide. Doesn’t it make sense to […]

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Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 49

Not Even Millenials Can Predict The Future The attached article from the Council for Disability Awareness explains that the Millenials have become the most unique and influential generation thus far. Additionally, they are the biggest population in US history, consisting of 92 million people and make up close to half the American workforce. What sets […]

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Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 48

Rest Easy By Planning Ahead Disability insurance – also known as income protection coverage – is one of the most important and overlooked pillars of financial planning. Consider that the average person is so dependent on their ability to earn a living, they couldn’t continue their lifestyle if they missed even a single paycheck. When […]

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Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 55

Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 55 According to this recent article by Thomas Petersen, “Many financial planners ignore looking at the entire disability protection picture. They believe that if there is a basic plan in place, it should be sufficient, and in turn, focus on the need for life insurance and investment and savings programs. What […]

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