Dave's DI Dispatch

Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 86

Why You Need Disability Coverage Many of your clients believe they have a solid financial plan to reach their goals, including maxed-out retirement savings and life insurance protection for the family in case of premature death.  But it is likely they have overlooked one crucial factor in their planning: the risk of injury or illness […]

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Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 85

Take the 90 Day DI Challenge As we are approaching the final days of Disability Awareness Month, take with you the valuable strategies and marketing guidelines in the attached article, written by Joe Russo of Petersen International Underwriters.  Word of mouth advertising and business referrals that come directly from clients are an excellent source for future […]

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Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 84

Why A Long Term Disability Policy is More Importantthan Pet Insurance! “Sixty-five percent of respondents surveyed by LIMRA, an association of financial services and insurance companies, say that most people need disability insurance.  But the figure shrank to 48% when people were asked whether they personally need it.  The proportion shriveled to 20% when asked […]

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Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 83

BKA Launches Our DI Microsite May 2019 is Disability Income Awareness Month and focuses on making income protection an integral part of overall financial wellness.Disability Income Insurance provides critical financial protection that is distinct from other insurance products.  Millions of working Americans don’t have DI and likely don’t understand what it protects and its importance. […]

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Dave’s DI Dispatch: Vol. 82

‘DISABILITY INSURANCE IS TOO EXPENSIVE…AND I’M INVINCIBLE’ “One of the myths surrounding disability income insurance is that it’s too expensive. In addition to that, it’s common to come across clients who think they’re invincible.” Understanding the following three principles will help you deal with your clients’ resistance to protecting their income; Accident or illness can happen to anyone Overcoming […]

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