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In our current environment of uncertainty, change, and recovery, successful insurance advisors would do well to transition from a Chief Risk Officer (CRO) to a Chief Reassurance Officer (also CRO).

Now is the ideal time to calm nerves by providing expert planning and risk mitigation. These measures give your clients the security and empowerment they need to run their businesses and lives, while reinforcing your relationship with them as a valued and trusted partner.   

To best position yourself to make the leap from risk to reassurance, help your clients assess and address potential gaps in their coverage. The knowledge and experience of a Brokerage General Agency will prove invaluable as you make this transition.

Your role has always been to assess the current situation, advise your clients accordingly, and help them execute a detailed plan. While today’s circumstances may require a slightly different course of action, it still utilizes the same skillset that made you successful in the past. Together with the protection tools readily available and accessible through a trusted BGA, you and your clients can take steps to maximize their financial legacies.

Your BGA can help you access and present appropriate Long-Term Care and Life Insurance products designed to bolster your clients’ peace of mind. Packaging these resources together will transition you to a reassurance officer: you assessed, you advised, and you executed. Now you can reassure your clients they are secure to move forward in the current environment – until the next change arrives.

As a Brokerage General Agency, Belman Klein Associates partners with you to help clients weather ongoing changes, while increasing your firm’s longevity and building higher quality relationships in the process. Contact us today to get started.