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As a P&C agent, you are consistently seeking new opportunities to engage with the individuals, families, and business owners listed in your book of business.

So many of your clients may have considerable risk protection needs that are not being met – needs that you could help fulfill by providing access to the life, disability, or long-term care markets.

Without specialists on staff to provide ample support, however, you may not feel adequately equipped to offer these lines of coverage.

But the reality is this: you are in a unique position. Your clients trust you. You have already forged a longstanding relationship, backed by previous triumphs in the P&C arena. This is a great launching pad for introducing strategies that in turn will help boost client retention.

All you need now is an ideal independent insurance advisor who can help you fill in the gaps; a collaborator who can support you in providing these additional lines of service that are critical to a winning customer experience, and who can help to facilitate the following three tactics:

  • Tactic #1: Selling additional lines of coverage. You’ve no doubt heard this little chestnut before. Every additional line of coverage you can sell boosts client retention. Think about it this way: If a client purchases just an auto policy from you, there’s no huge incentive for them not to comparison shop elsewhere. But add a term insurance policy, and then disability coverage on top of that, and all of a sudden – they are vested in your agency. Providing a “one-stop shop” for products beyond traditional P&C coverage allows you to forge an even stronger professional relationship with clients, as it provides them with a single source for all of their insurance-related needs.
  • Tip 2: Rounding out your accounts. Account round-outs are just that – making certain your clients are equipped with every line of coverage they could possibly need from your agency. It saves clients a tremendous amount of time and hassle. When renewal time comes, or modifications need to be made, one phone call or a quick email is all that’s necessary to update their account. This not only aids in the “stickiness” of your relationship, but it improves the customer experience and ultimately blocks competitors from wooing your clientele.
  • Tactic 3: The pursuit of “drifting clients.” Reachout to those clients you don’t speak to as frequently, make a staunch effort to win them back, and once you have them – keep them close. By collaborating with an independent insurance advisor, you will gain the knowledge and support required to meet their needs.

To recap: each line of coverage you offer brings you closer to your client and makes it a little more cumbersome for them to entertain outside insurance offers. By providing optimal service and improving your customers’ experience, you will boost your client retention.

Finding an independent brokerage who can help you facilitate additional lines of coverage is an integral component to your continued success. A skilled collaborator can take the onus off you when you’re not 100% comfortable with explaining these new lines of coverage and their benefits.

Belman Klein Associates can serve as an extension of your P&C agency to help facilitate these goals. We can ease the burden associated with needing to identify or learn complicated processes and terminology associated with additional coverage lines with which you may not be familiar.  

We also never split contracts. Because we are paid directly by the carriers, our collaborative services are provided complimentary to you. Together we can create new touchpoints with your client roster. Call us today at 800-729-6007 to learn more or register online today to get started.