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Steady, Guaranteed Income Throughout Retirement

Retirement income planning is among the most difficult of all financial challenges faced by the majority of Americans. While there is no one solution, annuities can be an answer for some of a client’s “safe” money.

Belman Klein maintains a competitive array of annuity products for both accumulation and income:


Fixed annuities

Predictably and safely build your savings at a pre-set rate of interest which if and when appropriate can be converted to a secure and continuous source of income in retirement.


Fixed-index annuities

Tax deferred, long-term savings tied to a market index that may provide more growth potential with less risk in a down market.


Variable annuities

Tax deferred, long term savings tied to stock market performance. This vehicle has the most growth potential but also the highest potential downside risk.

Make the Golden Years Truly Shine

Your clients work hard to save for their retirement.

As your annuity products provider, Belman Klein can help you protectyour clients’ retirement savings, while tailoring coverage suited for their individual needs and desires.

Leveraging our objective expertise, you can help your clients plan retirement by helping them:


Manage risk


Avoid volatility


Enjoy tax-deferred growth

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